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PCF Import

Beitrag von NachevN » Mo 29. Jun 2020, 09:21

Dear Rohr2 programmer,

Is it possible to have finally working PCF import!? Today i have tried to import a PCF file in last, updated today version Rohr2.33 without success! There are special options, probably very good, but the most important, WEIGHT and Support Functions (SKEY) not working.
The same file work perfect in Rohr2.32. (i don't know really which from thousand updates)

Just to remember, that we are paying separate for this famous feature!?
Thank you for your attentions.

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Re: PCF Import

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Mo 29. Jun 2020, 09:59

Dear User,

the grafic configuration tool is new to 33.0, this is correct.
You have the possibilty to import your pcf.env file to the grafic configuration tool, so this also should lead to the same.

If you have a support contract and you have an issue with the software, than the fastest way to solve the problem is to contact our support hotline by phone or to write an email by using the function "help|support request". Please attach your configuration file and an example .pcf and we are sure to solve the problem very fast.

Best regards


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