EN1380-3 2017 upcoming addenda

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EN1380-3 2017 upcoming addenda

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The Technical Committee TC267 had it's annual meeting 22th of November and as usual the Working Group 3 for "Design" also met on the days before. The current consolidated version of EN13480 is from 2017 and the following Addenda are under preparation for the part "Design and Calculation":

A1: This addenda is basically a correction addenda for all the minor issues detected since the publishing of the consolidated version 2017. The corrections are coming either from the MHD Help-Desk questions (See http://www.unm.fr/main/core.php?pag_id=121 ) or from the national mirror groups.

A2: This is the mainly the modification of chapter 12 and annex H with:
  • explicitly write the alternative stress equations for ii and io and including torsion
  • including axial force in stress calculation
  • specify how to deal with corrosion allowances
  • correct problems with the sectional modulus at tees
  • update annex H tables with the correct sectional modulus, shape conditions and correct some graphics
A3: Revision of Annex A for dynamic analysis and Annex G for material data
Annex A:
  • new "best practice" rules for design that minimized vibration problems
  • explanations of superpositions for modal response earthquake calculations including residual-mode
  • introduction of a new criteria "dynamic susceptibility" to estimate risk of vibration problems before excitation is known.
Annex G:
  • allowable stresses for structural steel used for support design acc. to chapter 13.
These 3 addenda have been finalized for circulation in the member states and formal vote.
In addition there are 3 preliminary work-item which are under discussion:

prA4 - Clarification of support design in chapter 13 especially with the use of Eurocode 3 rules.

prA5 - rewriting of chapter 9 - "External Pressure" to take into account piping "out of roundness" bigger than 1%

prA6 - Chapter 10 - Design against cyclic failure

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