Visco-damper database characteristics

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Visco-damper database characteristics

Beitrag von claudio_mend » Mi 28. Mär 2018, 15:25

Good afternoon,
I'm trying to use the viscous dampers that are available in the Rohr2 database, but am facing some difficulties apparently because the excitation frequencies of the input loads I'm using are high ( up to 114Hz).

I'm coming to results that are not damped as expected when using these devices. One of the hypotheses we consider to be causing this problem would be the possibility of the database containing information for a frequency lower than those prevailing in our model.

Is it possible to enter characteristic values for the dampers exposed to higher frequencies?

Thank you very much for the attention.

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Re: Visco-damper database characteristics

Beitrag von rohr2support » Mo 23. Apr 2018, 12:30


Can you give more details of your calculation? What type of analysis are you doing (transient, modal, direct-integration, harmonic ...).
The viscous damping is used in the transient time history model.
For the modal analysis you will only see the stiffness effect of the damper (which I assume is the dominant effect at 114 Hz).

Best regards

ROHR2 Support


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