spring rate for Lateral expansion joint

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spring rate for Lateral expansion joint

Beitrag von arshia43 » Mi 21. Mär 2018, 17:47

How can I enter the Axial, lateral and angular spring rate of a lateral expansion joint menu.

In the lateral expansion joint menu there is just Cr, CI , Cp and Ct that have a completly different definition from spring rate in different direction, or may be I undrestand it wrong!
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Re: spring rate for Lateral expansion joint

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Do 22. Mär 2018, 13:54


if you use the function "lateral expansion joint", the values you have to/ can enter are defined as following (press F1 in the dialogue and it will lead you to the manuel):
  • Cr: pressure-dependent lateral friction resistance (e.g. parameter cr from the HYDRA-manual)
  • Cl: elastic lateral bellow resistance, pressure-independent (e.g. parameter cλ from the HYDRA- manual)
  • Cp: elastic lateral bellow resistance, pressure-dependent (e.g. parameter cp from the HYDRA- manual)
  • CT: elastic bellow resistance for torsion
So this type you should use for braced lateral expansion joints. If you have an unbraced type, you can use the "axial expansion joint" function, were you can enter angular, axial and lateral spring rate.

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