what's the meaning in LISEGA.TAB

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what's the meaning in LISEGA.TAB

Post by btbcbbc » Fri 3. Jun 2016, 02:34


I want to know the meaning of 'maxWb=5' and 'fWB=1.0 2.0 4.0 6.0 8.0' in LISEGA.TAB of LISEGA spring databse, please explain to me detaily, thank you!

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Re: what's the meaning in LISEGA.TAB

Post by rohr2support » Fri 3. Jun 2016, 06:16

"maxWb=5" is the number of the maximum spring travel. For LISEGA is it 5.
"fWB" is the divisor for the spring rate, because of using the divisor the database LISEGA.TAB is very short.
Spring rate of "spring travel number 1" divided by fWB is the spring rate of the "spring travel number 2;3;4;5"

Example: Screenshot from LISEGA-Catalog
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