SINETZ help files, local and internet access

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SINETZ help files, local and internet access

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All functions of the software are described in user manuals.
The entire SINETZ documentation (all manuals except of the interface parameter listings) is available in html format (*.html)
The parameter listings of the interfaces (interface manuals) are available in pdf format.

The program help is provided as HTML-manual, displayed in a web browser.
Go to Help | Content , 4.10.1to start the ROHR2 HTML help.

Access help files via Internet
The program help files are provided by locally stored help files.
Alternatively the local help can be switched to internet based manuals, see Options | General settings| General - Help.
The help pages can be accessed by the function HELP| Contents or by means of the context sensitive help ( F1).

If the option Access help files via Internet is activated, the help mode is switched to Help via Internet. Local help files can´t be accessed in this case.

The SINETZ help files are renewed each SINETZ major program release. They are not part of the updates. The help files on the website will be refreshed frequently. Compared to the local help files the internet contents is newer and may include additional information.


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