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Calculates Nozzle Stresses from Allowable Loads

Verfasst: Do 31. Mai 2012, 10:08
von rohr2support
Dear Rohr2users

We often have the problem to determine the stresses in a vessel for which the piping has not been finished yet.
In this case we only have the allowable loads at the nozzles but don't know which load combination will really act.
The safe way is to calculate the stresses from the worst case combination of loads.
But what is the worst combination? In many cases this can be found by hand.
The exhaustive method would be to check all combination of positive and negative load directions.
ROHR2fesu allows to perform this automatically.
Please have a look at the new tutorial on:

See "ROHR2fesu training example 06":

Best regards

Re: Calculates Nozzle Stresses from Allowable Loads

Verfasst: Mo 29. Jan 2018, 13:42
von arshia43
one question regarding the example file,!

In teh example file, they mention to add a check mark in FESU calculation to "determine maximum stress instead of stress range " which is not availble in newer version of Rohr2. That can be nice if you can guide me how I can get the maximum stress in the newer version of Rohr 2?

Best regards