Classification of stresses at nozzles

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Classification of stresses at nozzles

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This a translation of the post viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1168

At the interface between vessels and piping calculation usually is the interface point at nozzles. The easiest way (and the most commonly used) is to calaculate allowable loads at nozzles
and try to keep these loads when routing the pipe.
This approach is often very conservative and may be really penalizing (means we have to do a crazy rooting just to keep very low allowable nozzle loads).
A more appropriate method is to combine the calculation of the vessel and the piping.
This can be done easily with ROHR2fesu.
The remaining issue is the classification of stresses at the interface of the nozzle as the codes EN13480-3 and EN 13445-3 Annexe C do not have the same stress classification approach.

I have done a presentaion on this subject on the FDBR Meeting en 2012.
Here is the original presentation (in German)
and here is the English translation:
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