Universal Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

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Universal Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

Beitrag von aditya0608 » Di 21. Mai 2019, 13:23

Hello Support Team,

I am handling a situation in which requirement of "Universal Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint" is coming.
Please let me know whether Rohr2 support inbuilt feature of this kind of Expansion joint.

If not please guide me how to model this in Rohr2.

Thanks in Advance

With Regards
Aditya Singh

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Re: Universal Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

Beitrag von rohr2support » Di 28. Mai 2019, 10:19


In ROHR2 axial expansion joints allow to include the internal pressure reaction forces automatically, based on the internal pressure in each load case and the effective area of the expansion bellow. (See also this post viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1202&p=3132)
In case you have a perfectly ballanced expansion joint, you can select the option "no force" on both ends of the expansion bellow. In case the bellow is not perfectly ballanced you can change the effective cross section area to the remaining effectiv area. In this case you get the internal pressure reaction force only on that area. Currently we don't have any manufacturer database for these pressure balances expansion joints, so you need to specify the spring rates manually. Due to the fact that they have several bellows instead of only 1, they are usually quite a bit stiffer than the simple bellows.

Somtimes you also have a drawing with the different bellow explained separately and you can model them separately in ROHR2 using rigid element to connect the bellows (See also this post viewtopic.php?f=7&t=78&p=160)

Best regards

ROHR2 Support
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