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Verfasst: Do 22. Mär 2018, 06:49
von arshia43
Nm/grd as a unit for angular stiffness of a expasnion joint. "grd" means degree?
In Swedish we have "grader" may be it is the same in German language!

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Re: Nm/grd

Verfasst: Do 22. Mär 2018, 13:45
von rohr2admin

yes you are right, "grd" is the angle in degrees. If you would like to see it as radiant, you can change it in your project settings:
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Re: Nm/grd

Verfasst: Do 7. Feb 2019, 04:30
von aditya0608
Gradian (Grd) is a unit of angle same as Degree (Deg).

there is a relation between Gradian and Degree.

1 Gradian = 0.9 Degree

Re: Nm/grd

Verfasst: Fr 15. Feb 2019, 13:05
von rohr2support

The abbreviation in ROHR2 "grd" always stands for the german "Grad".
We don't use gradian anywhere in the documentation.

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ROHR2 Support