Importing CII files

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Importing CII files

Beitrag von AWeighell » Mi 24. Mai 2017, 15:10

Rohr2 videos claim that Rohr2 can import pcf models that are as good as hand built. I there fore expected previously hand built models to be imported into Rohr2 as well as the original hand built model.

Is it possible to import cii files such that the node sequence and element upstream-downstream direction is retained?

If it is not possible to import in the original node sequence, please could you explain the logic used when files are imported? (It might be possible to change the source file in a way that would create a neat and logical Rohr2 file).

I have just imported a large cii file. All node numbers in the cii file were in numerical sequence. The node number were arranged from upstream to downstream. This was done to ensure a neat and logical understanding. The cii file shows all nodes in the sequence expected.

If one moved through the model, node 160 would be after 150, node 610 would be after node 600 and so on. On element 600 to 610 for example, 600 would be the start node, 610 would be the end node.

After importing the cii file, the node numbers were retained. However, the sequence of the elements was completely trashed. Node 150 might previously been a start node on element 150 to 160. 160 is now the start node, 150 is now the end node. Some elements are in their original sequence, while others are not. I am totally confused moving through the model. It is as though the elements have been imported in a random sequence and in random directions, start nodes might have become end nodes, sometimes start nodes are still start nodes.

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Re: Importing CII files

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Mo 29. Mai 2017, 05:57


normally ROHR2 tries to keep the node names as they are, but because ROHR2 and C2 might model several components with a different amount of nodes this might happen.
You can renumber your nodes easily using the "Edit|renumber nodes" function. You either can renumber the hole system beginning from a selectable start node or you also can mark your lines e.g. with "Select|start to end node" and renumber e.g. upstream/ downstream.
Best regards,
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Re: Importing CII files

Beitrag von AWeighell » Sa 10. Jun 2017, 13:59

I would be interested to know if anybody has had any success with importing large cii files?
The cii files open instantly in Rohr2 which gives the impression that everything is great.

However, in addition to completely jumbling the element sequence and randomly changing segment directions, other frustrating editing is required. For example, adding reducers. Adding concentric reducers seems to be fine. Eccentric reducers work differently which adds to the time required. Adding line numbers is also slow because the element sequence has been changed.

Editing is proving to be very time consuming and frustrating.

Unless I can speed things up, the bottom line appears to be:
You need a pipe stress calculation that matches existing pipe stress isometrics that have been noded in a logical way as one traditionally does with Caesar (to relate the pipe stress calculation to the stress isometric).
cii import is not practicable. It is will be quicker to build models from scratch in Rohr2 using your own nodes.

One can also import ntr files to get information into Rohr2. However, unless one spends many hours renumbering every node to match the isometrics, then new and different stress isometrics will be required. Also, new ntr files will be issued when future changes are made to the pipe design. Node numbers will change again if ntr files are re-input. Stress isometrics based on node numbers that stay constant to be used as cross references, for say structural loads, are therefore not practicable unless the calculation is manually input to start with. (This applies equally to automatic input into Caesar which is also a good idea in theory).

Edit 11 June 17
After several more hours of frustration, I have at found at least one problem with cii import and a workaround. There is a bug in the function to insert eccentric reducers. I tried for several hours to insert eccentric reducers. Everything I did seemed give different outcomes. I know Rohr2 is very sensitive to where one clicks. I therefore created a simple clean file to experiment with. Was the problem was caused by not clicking in exactly the right place. Unlike the imported file, eccentric reducer input worked perfectly? I repeated this several more times just to make sure. Each time everything was perfect. I then realised that the reducer data input window was slightly different in the new Rohr2 file compared with the "same" window in the file imported from a cii file. I returned to the imported file. I deleted the segment that I was trying to convert into a reducer. I deleted the upstream and downstream segments. I re-input the 3 elements. I converted the "middle" segment to a reducer - problem solved. The eccentric reducer input worked exactly as expected. My theory is that the eccentric reducer input will only work if the reducer segment and adjacent segments are all in the same direction. This would be normal if the input had been created in Rohr2 from scratch. However, Rohr2 randomly jumbles the segment directions during cii input and thus caused this eccentric reducer input to fail.
I would guess that cii input has not been not used very often.

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Re: Importing CII files

Beitrag von rohr2support » Mo 12. Jun 2017, 09:13


There are many users that have importes quite large CII files sucessfully.

Which version of the CII file are you using?
Would it be possible to send your example to the ROHR2 support e-mail so that we can check what is going wrong in your case?

Best regards

Rohr2 Support


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