EN13480-3 prA2

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EN13480-3 prA2

Beitrag von rickand » Fr 18. Mär 2016, 08:50


The CEN TC 267/WG3 is currently discussing updates to the chapter 12 and appendix H of the EN13480-3.
These modification have also been presented at the 31. FDBR-Fachtagung Rohrleitungstechnik.
The goal is to remove some issues :
  • missing alternative Stress equations for ii and io
    missing Axial force
    missing Corrosion allowances
    problems with the sectional modulus at tees
For those who want to try it out:

You need to install the lateste version of ROHR2 (minimum 32.0)
Set the following registry key:


This step can also be achieved if you download, unzip and execute the following registry setting file:
You then have additional options in the LC menu:
The additional option are:

EN13480-2012 prA2 - Calculation using the real stress range rather than the moment range multiplied by the SIF
Consider QXI - Includes the axial stresses from axial forces
exact sections modulus - includes the changed section modulus for tees.

Best regards

Andreas Rick
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