Do I need a flange analysis?

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Do I need a flange analysis?

Beitrag von r2user » Fr 16. Sep 2011, 07:18


Currently I am working on a big piping system for a process piping. I used EN13480-3 for the analyis.
After I am finished with my stress analysis I was wondering about the new flange analysis module (EN1591) in ROHR2.
I have a lot of flanges in my model. Do I need to do a flange analysis for all the flanges using this module?
If not, how can I select the flanges to check?

Best regards

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Re: Do I need a flange analysis?

Beitrag von Ioana » Mo 9. Nov 2015, 08:00

Hey all,
I am also interested in doing the flange analysis only for 2-3 flanges in my model. I have maybe more than 50.
Is this possible in Rohr2?
Best regards,

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Re: Do I need a flange analysis?

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Do 12. Nov 2015, 08:05

Hi Ioana,

Technically it is possible to only analysis specific flanges in you system. It is just the question if it makes sense, as the calculation doesn’t only calculate stresses, but also tightening moments and leakage of the gasket. As these calculations depend on the applied pressure and loads, the results can vary for each flange connection.
In case you still want to calculate only a few flanges, you can simply hide them in the user interface of the flange calculation:
If you still want to calculate the hidden flanges later, you also can unhide them. For the general application of the ROHR2flange module. please have a look in the manual.

best regards,
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