Should I use this Forum or the Support Hotline

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Should I use this Forum or the Support Hotline

Beitrag von r2user » Di 20. Sep 2011, 11:12


I would like to know if I should prefer asking my ROHR2 questions here or rather use the
support hotline.

Best regards

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Re: Should I use this Forum or the Support Hotline

Beitrag von rohr2support » Di 20. Sep 2011, 11:24

Dear ROHR2 User

You have both options and each has it's advantages:

Rohr2 Support Hotline
  • -You can ask question which include confidentiality (e.g. about your project, including a confidential ROHR2 file)
    -You will get an answer from our ROHR2 Support team within short notice
    -You need to have a valid maintainance contract to get support from the hotline
  • - Anyone can read your question and the answers and leave a comment
    - You can get feedback from other users of the forum, not just the ROHR2 support team
    - You can create an open discussion about questions like stress codes where more than one interpretation is possible
    - Even though the ROHR2 Support participates in the discussion the response time maybe longer than on the support hotline
    - You can ask question outside of ROHR2 Support Hotline office hours
    - You may chose to stay anonymous (only your username is known)
    - You can post attachments (e.g. ROHR2 models) which can be downloaded by all registered users.
    - The forum is open to anyone (but to post you need to be registerd) and there is a special section for ROHR2 users only
It's you choice.

Best regards


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