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ROHR2/SINETZ test license installation

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Mi 28. Sep 2016, 13:38

A ROHR2/SINETZ test license is identical to the full license including optional available modules and interfaces.

For ROHR2/SINETZ trial license details - how to get? what´s included? how to handel please refer to the ROHR2 and SINETZ tutorial which is provided with the test licenses data.

Test license installation:
1. Data, required to run a test license:
- a download link
- a license access code

2 Settings
The following settings are required for the access to the license server:
make sure that port 1947 (UDP + TCP) is not blocked for the access to the test server (possibly it is blocked by the Windows firewall!)

3. Installation
Download and unzip the installation package.
Copy all files into a directory on your hard disk.
Start the installation in this directory by setup.exe and follow the instructions
The test license may be installed parallel to existing ROHR2/SINETZ programs. In this case please use a different directory name and program group

4 Program start
Start the ROHR2 application by a clock on the program symbol or start the programs manually from the program directories:
Start the program in the test directory by running \R2WIN\R2win.exe.

5 License Terms & Conditions and Access Code
- At first start a dialog window opens:
- You are asked to accept the license conditions.

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Re: ROHR2/SINETZ test license installation

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Mi 26. Okt 2016, 13:48

There can be several reasons if the access to our license server fails.
The access to the license key failed, error message: license container not found /Hardlock module not found. Do you want to change the settings for license key access?

Maybe a special registry setting for the test license is missing. This can happen if the program was installed under a different account (maybe as an administrator).
Request a registry correction file from the support team
The enclosed *.reg file will add the missing entry
Please run the *.reg file by double-clicking the file. Then try to start ROHR2 or SINETZ again.

2. For the communication between program and the license server the port 1947UDP is used.
If this port is blocked by a firewall or a router or something else in your network the access will fail. This cannot be checked by us so please ensure that this port is not blocked.
If everything seems to be ok but the license key is still not found please download here
Unzip the data into a directory on the computer where SINETZ shall be running. Then start CheckHaspTest.bat (not CheckHasp.exe!) in this directory. This will create a *.log file in the same directory. Please send us this file so that we can check this.

Your ROHR2 support team
+49 2303 33233-0


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