How to update a model by new CAD data/ revision update

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How to update a model by new CAD data/ revision update

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Fr 8. Sep 2017, 13:10

Dear Users,

with the new version 32.1 it is possible to update the ROHR2 model with changed geometry/ components from the CAD model. The update function works with .ntr and .pcf files.
Requirement for the update is, that the new and changed model was created from the same CAD model as originally created. The program is comparing the geometry/ elements/ components using unique references for each element:
  • A new reference leads to a new component
  • An existing reference with change in coordinates leads to modified geometry
  • An existing reference with unchanged coordinates doesn’t change the model
  • A new support position leads to the same reference with changed coordinates
  • Deleted sections, which are replaced by new ones, lead to new references
  • and so on
If a model was created with ROHR2 without importing data from a CAD tools, ROHR2 creates references for all components. ROHR2 also writes these references to exported .ntr and .pcf files. So in case the CAD tool supports the use of references, the CAD model also might be updated with data from the ROHR2 calculation model.

The changes can be displayed and accepted/ denied by graphic visualization:

A more detailed description and an example you can find in the attached files:

Kind regards,
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