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PCF file import

Verfasst: Mi 12. Okt 2016, 14:19
von r2user_0495
I am trying to create a macro to convert PDMS geometry to Rohr2. It is almost ready but I am trying to improve it. My question is:

Is it possible to have the description of the support after the import from pcf file?
I have the following
CO-ORDS 607263.95 -705504.53 3010.22 40.00
ITEM-CODE $R2W_8590262434 – not important
DESCRIPTION Slide support (for example) – not working

All other field are working perfect but DESCRIPTION is not recognised by import. I have made export from Rohr2 to pcf file and in the created file exist description too. But when I imported the same file back in Rohr2, the DECRIPTION does not exist in Rohr2 model.
Is this option implemented in the PCF import and where I am wrong?
Thank you in advance.

Re: PCF file import

Verfasst: Fr 14. Okt 2016, 11:40
von rohr2admin
Dear user,

normally the interface for PDMS works with the neutral file format .ntr, as PDMS can directly export this format.
However you are right, the import of the support description in the .pcf format didn’t work properly. We already fixed this issue and with the next update this problem will be solved.

Best regards,

Re: PCF file import

Verfasst: Mi 26. Okt 2016, 12:28
von r2user_0495
Dear rohr2admin,
With the new update of Rohr2 everything is perfect. Thank you for the quick response. Now the conversion from PDMS to Rohr2 is really good and quick.