Howto perform automated Tests in Rohr2

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Howto perform automated Tests in Rohr2

Beitrag von rohr2_piper » Mo 27. Jun 2016, 19:00

Dear Rohr2 support,

this is a more general question but I think a more than daily task using roh2 and Programms.
Is there a possibility to do automated testing like getting all the information from the loadcase settings
into a text file ?
- comparing Textfiles is much easier than comparing the settings set in the GUI.


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Re: Howto perform automated Tests in Rohr2

Beitrag von rohr2support » Do 30. Jun 2016, 12:11

The ROHR2 calculation kernel is a text program. When you create a model and run the calculation, the graphical user interface creates input files in text format.
The commands in this file are explaine in the ROHR2 manual. These files are called *.in and they may include files *.inc.

On your disk you will find in the directory of your rohr2 project the following structure:

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For each load case (or stress analysis you can find a subdirectory with the corresponding input file.
These reference the common include files from the _INCLUDE_ directory (e.g. for the cordinates).
After the calculation you also get *.ire

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Which contain the originale .in file with all include files included inline.

Depending on what you want to check, you can compare the .*in or *.ire files

If you want to compare inputs and results you may select the option "print input records" in the Loadcase->Output dialog window.
After the calculation you can compare the *.out files which now contain all input data before the outputs.

Best regards

Rohr2 Support


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