PDMS to ROHR2 for structural steel

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PDMS to ROHR2 for structural steel

Beitrag von r2user » Di 8. Mai 2012, 17:13


I know that there is an export interface from AVEVA PDMS to ROHR2 neutral (which I am using regularly).
Is there also an interface for structural steel?

Looking forward to your replay.

Best regards

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Re: PDMS to ROHR2 for structural steel

Beitrag von rohr2admin » Mi 9. Mai 2012, 07:16


thank you for your inquiry. Yes, there is an interface for structural steel

Interface SDNF - ROHR2
Interface to convert output data from SDNF format (Structural steel Detailing Neutral File) into the ROHR2 neutral interface format.
The interface SDNF - ROHR2 is an optional available program module to be integrated into ROHR2.

Please send an email to sales@rohr2.com including your contact data and ROHR2 Hardlock No. (command HELP| Info) for addtional information and pricing.

Best regards
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