Regarding the interface between Rohr and LICAD

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Regarding the interface between Rohr and LICAD

Beitrag von aditya0608 » Mi 28. Mär 2012, 12:45

Dear Friends.
There is regarding the Support modelling in LICAD tool, of using Rohr "Export support data" features.
How to use this feature in LICAD.
How the work will be optimized in LICAD by using this feature of Rohr.

With Regards
Aditya Singh
With Regards
Aditya Singh

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Re: Regarding the interface between ROHR2 and LICAD

Beitrag von rohr2support » Do 29. Mär 2012, 09:27

Dear User,

As we are not the developer of LICAD we can’t provide detailed service information according the usage of this program.
Nevertheless we can give you a short description of the workflow between ROHR2 and LICAD:
• You can export the output-files for LICAD with ‘File|Export|support data|Lisega-LICAD’

The exported file will be saved in your project directory, the ending will be “.lcd”
• In LICAD you can import this files with ‘File|read support data|select’
• To generate supports from this data you have to choose ‘Begin’
• Than you can close the protocol window and the list of imported data
• Click, for example, on ‘Statics’ and select the support you need by ‘Read support data from drawing’
• Here you can create and edit your support drawings

As the exporting and importing is an automatism you will have to check your created supports carefully, here are just a few important points:
• Do LICAD and ROHR2 use the same coordinate system?
• From which load case / extreme value are your loads?
• Did you choose the correct type of support? You also can choose a rigid hanger in LICAD, even though in your ROHR2 system you have a spring hanger at this node.

The benefit for you as a LICAD user is, that you automatically will get the loads, movements, support descriptions, etc. for your supports, you don’t have to search and enter them manually.
For more information please refer to the ROHR2 manual, you can reach the according chapter by selecting ‘Help|Manuals|interface LICAD’ in ROHR2.
If you need further information you might contact the support for LICAD.

Best regards


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