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Plant 3D interface

Beitrag von Anders_Kallenberg » Fr 13. Okt 2017, 09:10

I want to be able to export data from Plant3D to ROHR2.
I have watched the video
But some dll-files are necessary, like for example "Export2Rohr2.dll".
Where do I find these files?

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Re: Plant 3D interface

Beitrag von rohr2support » Mo 16. Okt 2017, 11:09


The reason, why the file is missing, may be that the export feature to PCF or Plant3D is part of the optional package "CAD interfaces".
You need the option to be able to export to the different CAD systems.
Please check your license.
If you have the package and it is stil not working, you may need to reinstall ROHR2 to copy the correct files to your installation.

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Rohr2 Support


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