Legend for time dependent results

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Legend for time dependent results

Beitrag von jorivaldo » Mo 19. Mär 2018, 12:23

Dear sirs,
Where can I find a legend for the variables on the time dependent results windows. Examples: v, m, n, BOG, PT for bend nodes.
On the other hand, the equivalent stresses calculated in the dynamic analysis cases (hammer analysis) are peek-to-peek values?
Finnally, how to obtain a CSV file with the displacements and/or velocity responses of dynamic analysis.
Jorivaldo Medeiros
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Re: Legend for time dependent results

Beitrag von claudio_mend » Mo 19. Mär 2018, 17:28

Good question, I'm facing the same doubts in my analysis.
Looking forward for someone to clarify this.

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Re: Legend for time dependent results

Beitrag von rohr2support » Do 22. Mär 2018, 13:45


The abbreviations are explained in the ROHR2 Basic manual. The best point to start is probably chapter 81:
v,m,n - These are the sections that are evaluated before, in the middle and after a node.

v - vor -before
m- middle
n- nach - after

The results for SIGV are amplitude values - not peak to peak.

In order to export to a csv file you can right-click in a graphic in ROHR2FUN:
The result is written in the project directory.

Best reagards

ROHR2 Support
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